Poem Published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

Sincere thanks to Editor Christine Klocek-Lim for publishing my poem “The Weeds Are Taking Over” in Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY.

Poem Published in The new verse news

My poem “Inside This Moment” about Ukraine has been published in The New Verse News. Thanks so much to Editor James Penha for taking this one and for continuing to publish poetry about pressing world events as they happen.


Two Poems Published in Third Wednesday Magazine

Hi Everybody. My poems “The Good Dishes” and “The Dead Speak Through Loathing” have been published in Third Wednesday Magazine. Many thanks to Editor David Jibson and all the folks at the journal for publishing these. They are on the website and will be in this summer’s print edition.


Two poems Published in Eunoia Review

Sincere thanks to Editor Ian Chung of Eunoia Review for publishing my poems “There Will Be No Isaac” and “It Feels Like Cavatina” (originally published in The Taste of Your Music [Impspired, 2021]).

Poem “A Quiet House” published in Spotlight

My poem, “A Quiet House” (originally published in Dream Noir) has been included in the anthology Spotlight, put together by the awesome Jimmy Broccoli. This collection includes more than 80 poets from all over. All proceeds go to help Planned Pethood, an organization in Georgia that helps rescue, foster out, and get dogs and cats adopted. This poem was also published in my first poetry collection, The Taste of Your Music (Impspired, 2021).

Print volume 7 of impspired magazine released

Hi Folks. Check out the links below to purchase the Print Volume 7 of Impspired Magazine. A wonderful journal with writing from people all over the world. I have a few poems in it. Thanks so much to Editor Steve Cawte.

US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1914130553

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1914130553

EU – https://www.amazon.de/dp/1914130553

CANADA – https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1914130553

AUSTRALIA – https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/1914130553

Poem Published – one art

Thanks so much to Editor Mark Danowsky at ONE ART for publishing my poem, The Truth about Loving Me.


Poem Published in Chiron Review

Thanks so much to Editor Michael Hathaway for publishing my poem “Scrabble is Serious Business” in the Winter 2021 Issue of Chiron Review.

Two Poems Published in Rat’s Ass Review

Thanks so much to Editor Roderick Bates for publishing two of my poems in the Winter 2021 Issue.

Pushcart Prize Nomination

Heartfelt thanks to Editor Zvi A. Sesling and all the folks at Muddy River Poetry Review for nominating my poem “I Left God at a Chevron in Cincy” for a Pushcart Prize.