Debut Poetry Collection Will be released next sunday, May 2, 2021

Good afternoon, friends. My first poetry collection, The Taste of Your Music, will be published by Impspired one week from today! I will post the details and a link on the release date. Sincere thanks to Editor Steve Cawte.

“Brain Basics” has been published in Ploughshares

Link to order the Spring 2021 Issue:

Link to my Ploughshares bio:

Ploughshares Poem Next Wednesday, April 14th.

Good morning, y’all. I have a poem that will appear in the Spring 2021 Issue of Ploughshares, which should be published next Wednesday, April 14th. I’ll let everybody know when it’s out. Enjoy your weekend.

Two poems published Punk Noir

“Ohio” and “Where the Artists Hide”

Many thanks to Editor Paul Brazill.

Three Poems Published in Issue 10 of Impspired Magazine

Sincere thanks to Editor Steve Cawte

This Poem has been Published in Today’s The New Verse News

“A Woman in Tigray” Thanks to Editor James Penha.

Poem to be published in chiron review

Good afternoon, y’all. One of my poems will be published in Chiron Review. Possibly in the Winter 2021 edition. But it may be published after that. I’ll let you know. Sincere thanks to Editor Michael Hathaway. Hope everybody’s hanging in through all this snow and ice. Stay safe. -Sarah

Three Poems published in Print volume four of impspired magazine

Volume Four comprises Issues 7 and 8 of Impsired online. Thanks so much to Editor Steve Cawte for continuing to put out beautiful writing by folks from around the world.

Poem published in open skies quarterly Volume Three

Many thanks to Editor Keith Sparks.

Poem to be published in Ploughshares

Ploughshares will be publishing one of my poems in the Spring 2021 issue. I’ll let y’all know when it’s out.