Poem Published in Chiron Review

Thanks so much to Editor Michael Hathaway for publishing my poem “Scrabble is Serious Business” in the Winter 2021 Issue of Chiron Review.

Two Poems Published in Rat’s Ass Review

Thanks so much to Editor Roderick Bates for publishing two of my poems in the Winter 2021 Issue.

Pushcart Prize Nomination

Heartfelt thanks to Editor Zvi A. Sesling and all the folks at Muddy River Poetry Review for nominating my poem “I Left God at a Chevron in Cincy” for a Pushcart Prize.

Poem Published in Front Porch Review

Thanks so much to Editor Glen Phillips for publishing my poem “Stuck” in the October 2021 Issue. Link is under Publications.

Poem Published in Muddy River Poetry Review

Good morning, my friends. One of my poems, “I Left God at a Chevron in Cincy,” has been published in the Fall 2021 issue of Muddy River Poetry Review. Many thanks to Editor Zvi A. Sesling for including me, this time and in a prior issue. This is a wonderful poetry journal. Here is a link to all the writers. My poem is the third one after all the fabulous feature poets. Happy reading.


Poem Published in Hobo Camp Review

Thanks so much to Editors James H. Duncan and Rachel Nix for publishing my poem, “Metaphors Smell of Hell in Winter” in the Autumn 2021 issue of Hobo Camp Review. The link is below.


Three poems published – issue 12 of impspired magazine

Good morning, folks. Three of my poems have been published online in Impspired Magazine’s Issue 12. Sincere thanks to Editor Steve Cawte. These poems will also appear in the Volume Six print edition coming out in September. I’ll let y’all know. There are lots of poets and writers from all over the world in this magazine. Below are the links to my poems and to the other writers’ pieces. Have a beautiful day, my friends.



poem “Borne of the salt dust” published in open skies quarterly volume 5, anniversary edition

Thanks so much to Editor Keith Sparks.

My poem “Deep-fried daffodils” has been published by cajun mutt press.

Many thanks to Editor James D. Casey IV. The link is below.


Poem to be published in cajun mutt press

June 28th, y’all. I’ll post a link.