Poem Published by Impspired Magazine

Thanks so much to Editor Steve Cawte of Impspired Magazine for publishing my poem “Hole,” a tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.”

Two Poems Published in Hobo Camp Review

Thanks so much to Editors James H. Duncan and Rachel Nix for publishing my poems “Nighttime” and “Treasured” in this winter’s Hobo Camp Review.

Poem Published in Amethyst Review

Thank you to Editor Sarah Law of Amethyst Review for publishing my poem, “The Hard Winds of Kentucky,” about the Western Kentucky tornadoes in Mayfield, Dawson Springs, and elsewhere. Though the publication date wasn’t planned to be on the one-year anniversary, this happened one year ago today.

Poem Published in ONE ART

Thanks so much to Editors Mark Danowsky and Louisa Schnaithmann for publishing my poem “Death of a Child Who Never Was” in ONE ART: a journal of poetry.

Poem Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Thanks so much to Editor Christine Klocek-Lim of Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY for nominating my poem, The Weeds Are Taking Over, for a Pushcart Prize.

Poem Published Amethyst Review

Heartfelt thanks to Editor Sarah Law for publishing my poem “Box Turtle Jazz” in Amethyst Review.


Poem Published in Fall/Winter Issue of Rat’s Ass Review

Thanks so much to Editor Roderick Bates for publishing my poem, The Days of Dumpster Smoking in Rat’s Ass Review.

Poem “The Hearts of Troublesome Creek” published in the New Verse News

Sincere thanks to Editor James Penha for publishing my poem about the recent flooding in Eastern Kentucky in The New Verse News.


Poem Published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

Heartfelt thanks to Editor Christine Klocek-Lim for publishing my poem “Instructions for Hugging Your Momma” in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily.

poem published in better than starbucks

Thanks so much to Editor Vera Ignatowitsch for publishing my poem “Water Blessing” in Better Than Starbucks.